Hot Gossip 2

Aku cuma nak bagitau!
( Siri 2 )

Go Baby Go!
I know u'all semua dah tahu what is going on right? So,wat per nak malu supporting our own nation right? Cuma kita just tak der siblings Gerrard,Torres and Rafael Benitez. Tapi tue bukan alasan kita can't beat 'em right?

Anyway,Malaysia players did their bestest! And no wonder The Garuda can't fly anymore. Eventhough The Tiger has no wings but it still can fly succesfully even in the middle of the battlefield.

Indon? Jelez? Do I care? Go to heaven la mintak ampun-.-

Malaysia 1-2 Indonesia ( 2nd leg )
Malaysia 3-0 Indonesia ( 1st leg )
Equal to 4-2 in aggregate!

Well done baby! Muahxx =x


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