Hot Gossip 2

Aku cuma nak bagitau!
( Siri 2 )

Go Baby Go!
I know u'all semua dah tahu what is going on right? So,wat per nak malu supporting our own nation right? Cuma kita just tak der siblings Gerrard,Torres and Rafael Benitez. Tapi tue bukan alasan kita can't beat 'em right?

Anyway,Malaysia players did their bestest! And no wonder The Garuda can't fly anymore. Eventhough The Tiger has no wings but it still can fly succesfully even in the middle of the battlefield.

Indon? Jelez? Do I care? Go to heaven la mintak ampun-.-

Malaysia 1-2 Indonesia ( 2nd leg )
Malaysia 3-0 Indonesia ( 1st leg )
Equal to 4-2 in aggregate!

Well done baby! Muahxx =x

closer to the edge

 Owhh,my my my dear! Gosh!
What a beautiful sleep,ngee~( only you know why? )
I had a phonedate,nevermind.
But then,in the morning,well I guessed I had a dream.
And I'm not sure what is the point I got that sweetest dream. Aiyok!
Let's say,what would you do if you got a dream of your own future!
Cacat? Nope!
But best. Haha.

It was a good day. No school,haha. Yer lah,hollidate. So, apa lagi yang lelaki bujang macam aku akan buat when there is no school? What? Sleep? Oh no no no,sorry sikit yea. I'm not that lazy to sleep sampai midday nie taw. Okay fine aku memang tidur pun. Till 10 a.m. baru lah aku bangun. So early lah jugak right? Awal dari kebiasaan.

Aku bangun pun sebab ada benda pelik yang berlaku. The story went on like this:.

When I was sleeping tue kan,I was shocked by a phone call from someone that I don't know who was it. Then,I opened my eyes at once and picked up phone aku.

"Hello...." I answered. So slow!

"Wa'alaikummusalam!" and I heard a voice from a lady di hujung talian.

Aku memang nak kasi salam tadi. But.. tak sempat.

"You tengah buat apa ni? Tidur ke?"

"Erm.. Yer"

"Asyik tido je tau. Pemalas."

Perh, what the hell with you cik kak??

"Siapa ni?" asked me when I had a look at the number written 'Private Number'.

"Siapa I? You tanya siapa I? You agak I ni siapa?"

"Mana la I tau" asked me again,mamai-ly.

"I ni, wife you lah. I call dari masa hadapan."

I was silent,thinking. Aiyok! Merepek-ing apa nie?!

"Masa bila pula I kahwin? I belajar tak habis lagi."

"Kan I dah cakap yang I call dari masa hadapan. You muda-muda dah pekak."

Perh, sabar je. Sabar je. But,nevermind. I kept going on.

I got up from my bed straightaway. I headed to my desk,and took my diary. Then baru aku ingat, sejak bila pula aku rajin ber-diari nie?

"Hey, kat masa hadapan nanti, I rajin jot down diari tak?" I asked the kerek-lady.

" Haha. Tak. You still macam dulu. Semua benda tak reti. Berdiari pun tak reti. Entah apa yang you reti pun I tak tahu"

Aku diam. Terasa sebenarnya. Cacat lah! Yang aku ingat,I know how to sing. Ngee~

"Well, I call you sebab I nak suruh you buat sesuatu" she then continued.

"Buat apa?"

"Check inbox you. I hantarkan text. and that's me"

After requesting me to do that, terus dia off phone. Manis betul perangai awek-awek sekarang.

So, I looked at my phone and found there was a text from someone.

Aku tengok-tengok.

It's a simple text.
Aku buka dan baca.

*Sila baca dengan nada dan intonasi relax serta bersahaja yea.*

"Thanks for singing me the sweet
songs for me last 'morning'. I know
you always do the best to fulfill my
wishes. Anyway,I'm yours.
The one who sang songs for me!"

Huh? I was blurhead. What the heck is going on. All I know is,I did sing some songs to 'someone' last 'morning' and truly I adore the 'someone'. This I swear!

Nevermind,was it my dream or my reality? Well,I hope it is always my reality 'cause I sayang you actually. Takper,as what you said,I'll be a great man someday somewhere. Proposing you in the most respective way. 
  • Wherever you go, whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you
  • I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
    Lucky to have been where I have been
    Lucky to be coming home again
    I'm lucky we're in love in every way
    Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
    Lucky to be coming home someday
  • I only wanna be the man
    to give you everything I can
    every day and every night
    love you for all my life.
    I don't wanna change the world
    as long as you're my girl
    it's more than enough,
    just to be the man you love.

And you know what guys? Haha. Lovedrunk slow version la weyh!
Haha x)

Tapi,agak terkilan 'cause forgot to sing our 'dealova'. Haih..
Ngee~Haha. Takper,whatever it was,I love myself as well. And HaNI,so much

Dealova Moment

Ladies and gentlemen.
It's my pleasure to introduce to you
He's a friend of mine!

Yes, yes I am!

And he goes by the name...
All the way from Perlis, Johor.
And he's got somethin' special for y'all tonight.
He's gonna tell a story for y'all.
About his result,haha!

Mr. HH, now what you got for me?
Well I got a kind of surprise for you,

You were myself.
You ( PMR ) were my soul.
But you didn't know all the ways I loved you,cewaah!
So you took a chance.
And made other plans,tue yang dok struggle.
But I bet you didn't think that they would know 'bout you,my straight A's! Ahaks-.-

It was 23rd December. A good day for me lah. Well,I woke up early as I was gonna have a long travel to my SAINA. Jauh la sangat. It was a day nak amek result la sayang oyy. Aiyok! A little bit nervous,i guess.
Mak,gotta pee!
They told me that I passed with flying colors. But,I just didn't believe that curse. And I did make a phonecall to one of my trusted friends. He then told me the same freakin' thing. Aiyok. Aku succeed? Is it? Wahh.

I was quiet delighted. Tapi,deep in my heart I was totally nervous as I didn't see it yet. Stupidos gilo! Then,suruhla my dad drive as fast as possible lah. Kalau boleh nak sampai before 10.30 a.m. Haih..last-last sampai pukul 11.30a.m.,lambat agak siot. Nevermind,sabar!

When I reached there,I just could see just a few people jer. The rest maybe dah pulang. CACAT.

Aku pown turun-turun keter terus ngadap cermin. Correct apa yang tak shomel. Haha. Then,terus gi jumpa Cikgu Mazla. Unfortunately,she was not there! Miss you lah teacher!

The teacher yang on duty on my class is Cikgu Laila,my geo teacher! Dia pown hulur lah my slip. Before tue dah nampak my result actually. Dok atas sekali! Lompat la kejap. MALU.

  • Bahasa Melayu-A
  • Bahasa Inggeris-A
  • Matematik-A
  • Sains-A
  • Geografi-A
  • Pendidikan Islam-A
  • Sejarah-A
  • Kemahiran Hidup-A
Always CACAT
The smile,haha!

Then,snap a pic with ma! Nice! Jumpa kejap my friends after photoshoot tue. Ada Bob,Bean and Naqeeb. Sudden,nampak Swift biru datang. Laaah,mamat Addin nie baru mai jugak. CACAT! Haha.

Anyway,everything dah settled down. I was quite happy as I got what I've been demanding.

I know that they say that somethings are better left unsaid. But,I just wanna share my feelings to you all guys. It wasn't like you only talked to me and you know it. Taw jugak kan? Ahaks! All of these things people told me 'bout their's and keep messing with my head. JEALOUS! You should've picked honesty. Haha.

I felt so satisfied la jugak. Then,agak terkilan gak ngan diri sendiri. You know what,my friend yang dok sebelah jer dalam kelas xdapat straight A's. Aiyok. He got grade B for BI. I'm insane to know that. Haih..

What goes around,comes around 'cause what you give you'll get back. Wow! Anyway,PMR is just PMR. Usaha then berjaya lah kan. Tiru homeworks ker,curi idea ker I hope dimaafkan lah yer! Eventhough dah habis battle kita,jasa anda semua sentiasa dikenang. Haha. And thanks to my Evolution members and HaNi.

And special thanks to my parents lah,my teachers and anyone yang ada la kowt put some efforts in me. Ahaks! Chaiyok! CACAT tol.
Haha. Sapa-sapa yang terasa? Thanks la!
Lepas jer amik result,directly I went to Penang. Hollidate. Enjoy? Xkowt,just relax with family.

Last but not least,I love Hakeemi Baseri. Thanks for your effort for these 3 years! pftt!

The text

I don't wanna be demanding. I just wanna know the reasons why we live and die in a world of lies. Addicted to the way we crash and burn,I gave it all away now it's your turn watching me,watching you . Don't wanna see the worst in you so don't let it come true!
Well,actually I'm a little bit confused with the life nowadays. Full of lies and lies  and lies. But,I just don't care 'cause I'm one of it. Sometimes lah. Haha.
A beautiful lie,pftttttttt!
No deal. Darling what is going on? Honestly that never happened. Lying is your favorite passion. Leave me, go where you belong. Higher heels and lipstick napkins. Dying is your latest fashion. Look! Well,let's don't take any example. Just look at ourselves. Hypocrite. Cewaah. Tapi,what to do right? It's a part of our existense. So,let it be? Huh? Yeah,let it be!

I've got another confession to make. So complicated. Let me try to explain. Don't want this feeling to go away! Aku takut actually. Last couple weeks,I got a text message from an unknown person. My mom told me yang no. tue from Indonesia. Haha.

"ini ayah lagi meminjam
hp.kawan,sila beli
keredit RM30,ke
No.baru ayah
0178907102, ayah lgi
ada masalah di pejabat
polis,jgn dulu tlpn,nanti
ayah yg tlpn,cepat"

Well,it was such a funny thing to receive that fucking-ass text. Lawak la,mai mana tah mak aku kawen ngan mamat Indon. Go to die lah.

Then.aku story-mory kat my mom,yet,like expected,haha,gelak jer. Tak masuk akal langsung. Dah la suruh top up,RM 30 plak tue. Aku pown tak pernah add on credit banyak tue. Then,aku citer kat Norshazwani. Haha. Lawak!

Tapi,best+cacat+gilak arh. Till then,c ya!


Muda memberontak etika yang kononnya akan dipegang sampai ke hari tuanya. Jari jemari contoh lidah tidak bertulang yang berkuasa. Sains dan agama tidak sehaluan menjadi puak-puak yang lemah. Hanya ditemani komputer untuk menulis blog mencampak batu menyorok tangannya.

Digital kini semuanya digital-digital belaka. Dari syurga ke neraka dimuat turun ke dalam komputer ribanya. Cinta songsang diterbalik dunia mata keranjang laki-laki dan wanita. Pembangkang mahu publisiti murahan memfitnah cuma senjata ringannya.

Harap kau sudi mendengar deruan pujaan jiwaku melalui cerita. Cerita ini ohh untukmu! Aku just nak wish to all of my friends actually x)

For all the sweet memories we’ve had,I carry your heart. I carry in mine. I wish to see you again. I know I fucked up all the time, forgive me forgive me not. It’s up to you. ( dedicated to all Evolution and Eccentric members )

We’re dying for the night. The stars are waiting for us,tingling in our eye-to stroke the heat of the actionway. Away beyond expectations! Appealing, charming.. you are! Please stay with me and let’s do this together everlastingly. Haha. Yerlah,everyday kita struggle sesama so why not kita success sesama gak.
Go Baby Go
Sure enough,even though them ( seniors ) be hating on us,still I’m gonna keep us by my side in whatever situation we gon' ride. I'll make all of our fantasies come alive. There's no lie now. I’ll be as long as you'r gon' be beside me. 8 A's dollar mansions won’t suffice if you aint gon' be in there with me always. The pieces to my puzzle’s in my life. With all of my good days and all of my bad. You stood by your effforts and you know you got it worth. Haha. Worth every car every bag with you. They wanna be that. I know what I got at Saina. I aint never gon leave Evolution. The best bitches believe that.

The sickness

There is so much to say and to thank God for, He has been incredible in the midst of the hardest and darkest trials of my life. I really want to write out my story from beginning to end, and in that bring glory to God... because honestly He is SO good!
Thank you Allah

I was up and it was 9:00 PM and I was just unable to rest. I know you are able to move in a powerful way- but do you even want to? My faith is so weak and I feel I do not deserve anything. I long to grow and be the man you desire me to be- but I feel there so much I don't understand.

Well,I faced a really terrible sickness just now. I was gagging 'cause of my dinner. Maybela,the meals were not chewed properly then accumulated in my throat-so bad to explain how. So just when I think I have passed through the tough stuff- I find out I still have to do something. It was badly painful. I have never 'tercekik' before this!

It was very uncomfortable- but ultimately it's showing me how to draw and feed off God and learning to get what I need from Him instead of off of those I love. That moment baru nak ingat Tuhan. Haih.. Well,the thing that I wish to highlight is just be a man or lady that always keeps their heart towards Allah. Haha. Bala can be sent everytime jer taw. And no wonder,aku kena tonight. Thankful lah still alive and able untuk mengunyah lagi. So totally freaking bad la my face tadi.
I didn't know actually what to do bila 'tercekik' nie. My mum asked me to puke. Haha. Sounds weird right? But,that is the fact. I have to dispose my accumulated-meals out of my throat either by hook or by crook. Then,'everything' was fully removed la sket rather than stucked in my cute throat.

Anyway,every single thing was just fine after the removing out my 'tercekik-meals'. Looks funny right? But,it was so fucking painful. So far the experience has been really bittersweet. I feel at such conflict within myself, like I am fighting against my wants and surrendering to yours. I need to collect what strength I have to wait on you and allow YOUR plan to unfold in my life... who knew it would be SO hard. U know what?! 'cause of this case pown makes me feeling so ashamed with my life. Dengan makanan pown jadi penyakit,instant plak tue.

It was a very exciting yet scary thing- but it's been neat to be shown a specific purpose for every miscarriage and loss I have experienced. It's crazy to think that my life is better than it has ever been in many ways- I have never been closer with my mom, I have found new motivation to do things that I never able to do before, my relationship with God keeps growing and I am learning to hear from him more, I have never been more in love with myself. But yet in the midst of all this there is still something missing. Cewaah. 

Anyway,conclusionnyer makan kena totally be careful and bersopan-santun macam kartun! Haha. Catch ya later. I love you,HaNi. Thanks for the care when I felt the pain.

Thanks for the care,mom and you,HaNi.

Let It Be Heard

Oh! Jeritan batinku
Namamu selalu!

Yell my name out if you want me!
When I was 13,I was offered to further my study in Saina. Well,nevermind it was just the beginning of my freaking experience of having some bullshit days.

It was then in 2009 when I was in Form 2. I had a good starter of the early year,but then one by one bad things happened to me.

I just didn't know whether this was just a dream or what. I faced the music as well as I did wrong to myself. Before that,I had ever fell in love with someone. It was just my heart,literally it wasn't! Well,biasalah pemikiran pramatang,always been seduced by the environment.

One day,I had a phone call with my mom. She then told me 'bout someone whom will continue her study here,with me as well. I was over the moon,it was once in a blue moon to see the one who I adored being transfered here. Nice. Haha.

She didn't know 'bout me,the way I adore her. Then,everything went smoothly. But,hari tak selalunya indah. I found that she had an affair with one of my trusted friends. Goodbye to you,my trusted friend. To be thought again,it was my fault too. To let my feelings being kept silently in the middle of the heart. So,heartless then. I was dissappointed,and that's why I love the way you lied,dude!

Haih..I just could see her from far away. Feeling ashamed to be by her side,eventhough as a friend. Actually,that wasn't the reason. I felt shy 'cause of my failure to get what I've been demanding for. I was useless,laying undead thinking of 'em. Haha. Bodoh!
And yeah,everything went back to normal. I pray for her,days and nights even my soul kept on crying badly. No tears to show,only the painful days as my companion. She's a nice girl actually,and I always believe that. Almost all of my friends knew 'bout what I was facing,it hurted!

Sooner or later,I'd know it was only just a dream. To hold your hands,haih.. merepek jer semua tue. I was trying to be by her side knowing that she had a terrible fight with her boyfie. She treated me as  a brother,but I couldn't force myself to confront you. She was weird,but she just didn't care of my ignorance. Sometimes,I can't understand why do I keep loving you? 

Everybody knows what's love,but they don't know how to feel it. I'm not a good Romeo,and though not a good man. Is it? Haha. 2009 has teached me on how to face the sickness of being left abandoned in the middle of sadness. Well,I hope it was then good in 2010. But,it still remained the same. Maybelah,in the ending of school things were look good. It was then forgotten. Keemi,Keemi!

Nevermind,it was just a little bit part of my past history. I'm gonna forget,but keep it sweetly in my heart. Slowly,it'll teach me on how to be much better handling myself!

Luckily,I have a bunch of shit friends yang alright! Haha. Everything has been settled down. Even my thoughts are full with something new instead. And I have HaNi by my side,I love you lah. Ngee~ And you know,maybe someday in future I wanna propose HaNi to be my soulmate-.-

Haha,before tue kena belajar rajin-rajin lah. No woman,no cry! No yourself,I'd die! Ngee~ PMR kena straight A's lah!

Well I promise to myself If I'd be given a chance to be by her side,I won't let it be useless.! Bear it in your mind.

And you the one who I adored,haha,be happy lah. You muda lagi,keep everything good!

Don't trust the person who has broken faith once. 
William Shakespeare

Hot Gossip

Aku cuma nak bagitau!
( Siri 1 )

Despair -.-
Rindu dan cinta adalah anugerah tuhan yang mampu mencairkan secebis ego lelaki menjadi selautan air mata.


Do you hear me?
I'm talking to you
Across the water
Across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky
Oh my, baby I'm trying !

How's your nanny? Sihat? What? Heart attack? So? You care?
Haha,nevermind la whatever it is!

Well,I've been thinking lately. Everything is just 'bout my current situation. Am i doing the right thing for my life? Nevermind,I'm just confused with the way I treat people. Sometimes,I'd prefer to ignore 'em as well. And as a result,they think of me,I mean they thought that I'm forgetting 'em.

Once extinguished,never see you again.

Laaah,it's not a big deal lah. Though,I am wondering! Ignorance doesn't mean that we don't be honest with 'em! does it? Well,I guess it has nothing on what they talk 'bout me.

It's a beautiful lie. And it's not perfect tonight,unless they know who I am. It's time to forget about the past,to wash away what happened last. Please! Hide behind an empty face. Don't ask too much,just say 'cause this life is just a game.

This is life. It's a test,it's a game. Did you pass? Play again,in the hope that you see where you've been. 

Tonight, it's a revolution.
Tonight, we're going to war.
Tonight, you better make a decision.
I'm not a patriot,I'm not illegal,I'm not a fugitive,I'm  Malaysian.
I think you need some education.
I think you need some thought control.
Tonight, there is a situation.
Tonight, it's the end of the world.
Tonight, we'll take control of the nation.
Tonight, we take control of the world.
Anyway,tiada yang sempurna kt dunia nie. Maybe kita  rasa A,and maybe jawapannya B. It could be anything right? So,please just follow the flow. I'm by yourside,cewaah. 


study is the best thing for me but not always. sometimes i feel bored and tension too. but now i feel like i wanna stdy like before when i was in school. study like hell, finishing my homeworks that were too lot, too hard to solve, too bored to think for the answer. now i feel like i wanna further my study as soon as possible. i want to finish my stdy soon, i wanna work, buy my Porsche by my own, be a millionaire and then get married. the END.

To be shared with my future wife! Haha.

Tired,tired and tired.

Will you marry me? Haha. Can't wait lah.

My cash is my tissue. My tissue is for my ass! Haha.
ps://whatever it is i wanna be the successful person in this world. :).
8A'S in PMR 2010 please!!!!

Oh my darling~

I hate when i saw u. I can't stand myself to not eat u. Oh burger, why u always take my attention. I cant eat u everyday cos u contain lot of cholesterol. I dont wanna be fat man. I wanna maintain my body. I feel comfortable have a body like now. I dont really care what people wanna say about me cos I know I never bother them. never ask them for their money or wtv. I often eat two burgers at one time. sumtimes, up to three. oh, so delicious babe. and my mom said ' u look like burger now'. Oh no! This mean i'm gain weight! I'm fat. no no no. I dont want! people, do i fat?

My girlfriend when I'm off for a date! Is it? Haha.

That's me!
 Anyway,wheter I'm slim,handsome or what just let me be. Haha.


Hey! Hello gedik lads and gents. Anda semua sihat? Apa? Tidak sihat? So? Who cares? You are infront of your wood PC, online, facebooking and streaming Maria Ozawa latest vids then you are sihat enough to read my blog.

Anyway,I got a hot,slutty story to tell you all guys! Something 'bout my 2010 class,I mean gedik-class. Haha.

My class contents with 15 cute,horny boys and 15 pretty,chubby girls. They're all lah yang membangunkan nama Proactive in form 3 eventhough the class is always messy with dead hookers and damn rubbish. Never do your duty lah tue.

This class was told to be occupied by the Top30 students! Woahh,a nice theory that full of lies! Ahaks. Semuanya pandai dalam bidang masing-masing. Flirting,kissing,peeping and freaking nice in sleeping. Hyphotesis accepted! Ngee~

3P,stood steadily. Haha,steadylah sngt. Well,I guess nie lah class yang paling havoc dalam evolution. Is it? Sure!

Well,nevermind. This class is led by a lady! Haha. The single one plak tue. Teacher Mazla,our beloved science teacher. She's not my cup of tea. Why? Haha. Ask me privately taw-.- 
Attention,attention! My class monitor nie plak someone yang agak talkative. Hey bitch,I miss you just a few minutes in this holiday taw! Haha. Anyway,he is a tremendous leader la kowt. Credit to you =)

Helios of mine.
Well,aku ada girlish-classmates seramai 15! Ada orang kata dalam class nie ada Mak Nyah ninggal so that's why lah girls dalam kelas nie agak awfully act! Haha. Eventhough korang semua agak kurang baek ngan boys nie,kitorang still sunyi kalau korang tak datang class. Is it? Huh? No comment. From scale 1 to 10,I just give 11. Fair and square. No deal,no denial! So,this is the list lah.
  • Zatie
  • Waween
  • Botet
  • Alia
  • Anna
  • Nab TJ
  • Anum
  • Syazmira
  • Nadiah
  • Amierah
  • G-Ah
  • Ram
and so on. ( lupa,arghh! )

Auntie mamak!

Good newscaster-to-be!

Again and again.
 Tak kisahlah,then kita lupa kejap pasal tue. Nak jugak story pasal gentlemen dalam 3 P nie. Everybody is just nice,I mean fuckin' good lah. Plus,before this I had never been so close with 'em. Yer lah,semua datang dari ceruk laen-laen. Streaming punya pasal!

Tapi,tue bukan halangan nak gempakkan 3 P nie. Semuanya dengan agenda masing-masing. Ader yang kuat tidow,and ada yang kuat meniru. Asal copy terus paste. Memang no denial lah korang tebaek dari ladang. Even cicak pown tak berani nak bersarang!

Thanks to me taw!

Mat -mat kepoh jalanan. I miss you all lah-.-

Mothertounge. Haha!

Laah,ko lagi-.-

ehhh,ngko lagi. Haih-.-

Prep malam 5 minutes,then party!

Haha. Thinking of you lah bdk Jitra!

Angkatan mat mat shempoi-.-Gediks ones.

Me? Haha.

Once upon a time,wajah kanak-kanak
Nie time Jamuan Batch.. Me,Faris,Danial and Fahim-.-


Bebudak rumah Cengal. ( Merah )

nama-nama katanya ikut I/C-.-
  • Keemi
  • Che Up
  • Chorp
  • Ismet
  • Poggy
  • Aeman
  • O'e
  • Zaid
  • Danial
  • Majdi
  • Amir
and so on lah
Anyway,everything  tak akan sempurna tanpa korng. Mr. A,aku rindu lah pembentangan projek kita. Haha.
Tapi kan,dorang nie baek+underdog+nerd! Haha. Ntahlah,somehow best buat-buat study ngn korang sumua!
Party like a rockstar k x)

So,everything aku just harap the memories were left in our mind secretly. Sooner or later,kita maybe berjumpa but in different classes. Anyway,I love you all. Thanks for the smiles and the tears!
8 A's with you all lah~

She called me as the master of the babies!

I wanna make some babies with you ?
I don't care how and when !
This is my wish .
you can fulfill it.
'Cause you're the master of the babies !

As you're !

Used to be like you before ! and always .

Can I have 'em all ? Haha . Shocked ? You'll realise it !
Btw , aku ada baca 'bout "HOT BABY NAMES"
I'll present to you lah senang citer..

Girls' Names ( Top5 jer lah )


Boy's Names ( Top5 jgak )

Anyway,yang penting future plans kena ada. Haha.
MBM , do take care =>