study is the best thing for me but not always. sometimes i feel bored and tension too. but now i feel like i wanna stdy like before when i was in school. study like hell, finishing my homeworks that were too lot, too hard to solve, too bored to think for the answer. now i feel like i wanna further my study as soon as possible. i want to finish my stdy soon, i wanna work, buy my Porsche by my own, be a millionaire and then get married. the END.

To be shared with my future wife! Haha.

Tired,tired and tired.

Will you marry me? Haha. Can't wait lah.

My cash is my tissue. My tissue is for my ass! Haha.
ps://whatever it is i wanna be the successful person in this world. :).
8A'S in PMR 2010 please!!!!


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