Let It Be Heard

Oh! Jeritan batinku
Namamu selalu!

Yell my name out if you want me!
When I was 13,I was offered to further my study in Saina. Well,nevermind it was just the beginning of my freaking experience of having some bullshit days.

It was then in 2009 when I was in Form 2. I had a good starter of the early year,but then one by one bad things happened to me.

I just didn't know whether this was just a dream or what. I faced the music as well as I did wrong to myself. Before that,I had ever fell in love with someone. It was just my heart,literally it wasn't! Well,biasalah pemikiran pramatang,always been seduced by the environment.

One day,I had a phone call with my mom. She then told me 'bout someone whom will continue her study here,with me as well. I was over the moon,it was once in a blue moon to see the one who I adored being transfered here. Nice. Haha.

She didn't know 'bout me,the way I adore her. Then,everything went smoothly. But,hari tak selalunya indah. I found that she had an affair with one of my trusted friends. Goodbye to you,my trusted friend. To be thought again,it was my fault too. To let my feelings being kept silently in the middle of the heart. So,heartless then. I was dissappointed,and that's why I love the way you lied,dude!

Haih..I just could see her from far away. Feeling ashamed to be by her side,eventhough as a friend. Actually,that wasn't the reason. I felt shy 'cause of my failure to get what I've been demanding for. I was useless,laying undead thinking of 'em. Haha. Bodoh!
And yeah,everything went back to normal. I pray for her,days and nights even my soul kept on crying badly. No tears to show,only the painful days as my companion. She's a nice girl actually,and I always believe that. Almost all of my friends knew 'bout what I was facing,it hurted!

Sooner or later,I'd know it was only just a dream. To hold your hands,haih.. merepek jer semua tue. I was trying to be by her side knowing that she had a terrible fight with her boyfie. She treated me as  a brother,but I couldn't force myself to confront you. She was weird,but she just didn't care of my ignorance. Sometimes,I can't understand why do I keep loving you? 

Everybody knows what's love,but they don't know how to feel it. I'm not a good Romeo,and though not a good man. Is it? Haha. 2009 has teached me on how to face the sickness of being left abandoned in the middle of sadness. Well,I hope it was then good in 2010. But,it still remained the same. Maybelah,in the ending of school things were look good. It was then forgotten. Keemi,Keemi!

Nevermind,it was just a little bit part of my past history. I'm gonna forget,but keep it sweetly in my heart. Slowly,it'll teach me on how to be much better handling myself!

Luckily,I have a bunch of shit friends yang alright! Haha. Everything has been settled down. Even my thoughts are full with something new instead. And I have HaNi by my side,I love you lah. Ngee~ And you know,maybe someday in future I wanna propose HaNi to be my soulmate-.-

Haha,before tue kena belajar rajin-rajin lah. No woman,no cry! No yourself,I'd die! Ngee~ PMR kena straight A's lah!

Well I promise to myself If I'd be given a chance to be by her side,I won't let it be useless.! Bear it in your mind.

And you the one who I adored,haha,be happy lah. You muda lagi,keep everything good!

Don't trust the person who has broken faith once. 
William Shakespeare


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