Dealova Moment

Ladies and gentlemen.
It's my pleasure to introduce to you
He's a friend of mine!

Yes, yes I am!

And he goes by the name...
All the way from Perlis, Johor.
And he's got somethin' special for y'all tonight.
He's gonna tell a story for y'all.
About his result,haha!

Mr. HH, now what you got for me?
Well I got a kind of surprise for you,

You were myself.
You ( PMR ) were my soul.
But you didn't know all the ways I loved you,cewaah!
So you took a chance.
And made other plans,tue yang dok struggle.
But I bet you didn't think that they would know 'bout you,my straight A's! Ahaks-.-

It was 23rd December. A good day for me lah. Well,I woke up early as I was gonna have a long travel to my SAINA. Jauh la sangat. It was a day nak amek result la sayang oyy. Aiyok! A little bit nervous,i guess.
Mak,gotta pee!
They told me that I passed with flying colors. But,I just didn't believe that curse. And I did make a phonecall to one of my trusted friends. He then told me the same freakin' thing. Aiyok. Aku succeed? Is it? Wahh.

I was quiet delighted. Tapi,deep in my heart I was totally nervous as I didn't see it yet. Stupidos gilo! Then,suruhla my dad drive as fast as possible lah. Kalau boleh nak sampai before 10.30 a.m. Haih..last-last sampai pukul 11.30a.m.,lambat agak siot. Nevermind,sabar!

When I reached there,I just could see just a few people jer. The rest maybe dah pulang. CACAT.

Aku pown turun-turun keter terus ngadap cermin. Correct apa yang tak shomel. Haha. Then,terus gi jumpa Cikgu Mazla. Unfortunately,she was not there! Miss you lah teacher!

The teacher yang on duty on my class is Cikgu Laila,my geo teacher! Dia pown hulur lah my slip. Before tue dah nampak my result actually. Dok atas sekali! Lompat la kejap. MALU.

  • Bahasa Melayu-A
  • Bahasa Inggeris-A
  • Matematik-A
  • Sains-A
  • Geografi-A
  • Pendidikan Islam-A
  • Sejarah-A
  • Kemahiran Hidup-A
Always CACAT
The smile,haha!

Then,snap a pic with ma! Nice! Jumpa kejap my friends after photoshoot tue. Ada Bob,Bean and Naqeeb. Sudden,nampak Swift biru datang. Laaah,mamat Addin nie baru mai jugak. CACAT! Haha.

Anyway,everything dah settled down. I was quite happy as I got what I've been demanding.

I know that they say that somethings are better left unsaid. But,I just wanna share my feelings to you all guys. It wasn't like you only talked to me and you know it. Taw jugak kan? Ahaks! All of these things people told me 'bout their's and keep messing with my head. JEALOUS! You should've picked honesty. Haha.

I felt so satisfied la jugak. Then,agak terkilan gak ngan diri sendiri. You know what,my friend yang dok sebelah jer dalam kelas xdapat straight A's. Aiyok. He got grade B for BI. I'm insane to know that. Haih..

What goes around,comes around 'cause what you give you'll get back. Wow! Anyway,PMR is just PMR. Usaha then berjaya lah kan. Tiru homeworks ker,curi idea ker I hope dimaafkan lah yer! Eventhough dah habis battle kita,jasa anda semua sentiasa dikenang. Haha. And thanks to my Evolution members and HaNi.

And special thanks to my parents lah,my teachers and anyone yang ada la kowt put some efforts in me. Ahaks! Chaiyok! CACAT tol.
Haha. Sapa-sapa yang terasa? Thanks la!
Lepas jer amik result,directly I went to Penang. Hollidate. Enjoy? Xkowt,just relax with family.

Last but not least,I love Hakeemi Baseri. Thanks for your effort for these 3 years! pftt!


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