The text

I don't wanna be demanding. I just wanna know the reasons why we live and die in a world of lies. Addicted to the way we crash and burn,I gave it all away now it's your turn watching me,watching you . Don't wanna see the worst in you so don't let it come true!
Well,actually I'm a little bit confused with the life nowadays. Full of lies and lies  and lies. But,I just don't care 'cause I'm one of it. Sometimes lah. Haha.
A beautiful lie,pftttttttt!
No deal. Darling what is going on? Honestly that never happened. Lying is your favorite passion. Leave me, go where you belong. Higher heels and lipstick napkins. Dying is your latest fashion. Look! Well,let's don't take any example. Just look at ourselves. Hypocrite. Cewaah. Tapi,what to do right? It's a part of our existense. So,let it be? Huh? Yeah,let it be!

I've got another confession to make. So complicated. Let me try to explain. Don't want this feeling to go away! Aku takut actually. Last couple weeks,I got a text message from an unknown person. My mom told me yang no. tue from Indonesia. Haha.

"ini ayah lagi meminjam
hp.kawan,sila beli
keredit RM30,ke
No.baru ayah
0178907102, ayah lgi
ada masalah di pejabat
polis,jgn dulu tlpn,nanti
ayah yg tlpn,cepat"

Well,it was such a funny thing to receive that fucking-ass text. Lawak la,mai mana tah mak aku kawen ngan mamat Indon. Go to die lah.

Then.aku story-mory kat my mom,yet,like expected,haha,gelak jer. Tak masuk akal langsung. Dah la suruh top up,RM 30 plak tue. Aku pown tak pernah add on credit banyak tue. Then,aku citer kat Norshazwani. Haha. Lawak!

Tapi,best+cacat+gilak arh. Till then,c ya!


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