The experience!

Such a lonely day,and it's mine. Whether it's loneliness or what,I just don't care. God granted it. Thankful back.
Well,I'm home-the same words again-! Well,it's used to be a funhouse,but now,it's full of evil. Haha. Why I say so? 'cause nobody loves to stay home,then I conclude it as evil house. Evil loves abandoned house.

Ladies and gentlemen,
don't hesitate your time. People say it's priceless. Nvm. Last two weeks,I had a camp at Jerai Mount. A very mystic one. Gosh. Well,I was there starting from last week's Thursady till sweet Saturday. Totally,I could say it was awesome. I met my old friends,plus,I used my Dslr to snap the nature landscape. Full of activities made me tired. But,that wasn't an excuse. I was appointed to be the leader of my group,commonly known as 'Harimau Team'. Grrrrrrrr! Aummmmmm! Well,time after time. I thought it was gonna take a long time to be there,but,I must confess that time is short,as short as my sister. Haha! Frankly speaking,I was so stupid. Cause of what? Cause I forgot to bring my sweater or in Malay we call it as 'baju sejuk'. Hey,it was cold there. Like I was living in a freakingly freezer which my mom bought last year. Woot! We hiked the mount,we bathed in the cold river. We didn't brush our teeths. Opsss! Haha! And the best was the "Makan-ing Time". So sedap gila kowt. Yet,I'm not getting slimmer,instead I'm gemuk-er! Haha! Anyway,the camp was the best camp I ever joined. Cewaah. Thanks to my teachers who trust in me to join the camp. Ngee~

Members of the floor,
enough with that. Recently,last Wednesday jgak,I had a public speaking competition. I was representing Saina as well. Well,I'm not well-prepared. Everything was so messy,with the texts,the body language and so on. And yet,I was shocked cause I did it well. Haha. Especially in impromptu. Well,my prepared-speech was so bad. I mean the worst kowt. Cewaah. Well,I got the 7th place. Thanks to the judges,and ofc my teacher who was in charged. Nvm,it was so great to meet a lot of good speakers all over Kota Setar. Ngee~

Last but not least,
actually,I'm having a bad holiday. I left my SIM in the locker at Saina. Ceytt,how to text doe? Nvm,whatever it's,please let me know anything by texting me on Facebook.

Till then,see ya-.-