Stranger and abroad

It's been raining since the day. Everything was just left silent,nothing could be heard..just a piece of heart was left in Malaysia. Urghh! Currently,I've touched down Tanah Melayu,safely. Here,I ain't feel a stranger anymore. Haha. It's a long time being in Thailand,so far from my bed,my lappy and yet,my only heart. Hey,I got a story 'bout a journey,full of curiousity. Ever been to Phuket? No? Not yet? I don't care!
The footsteps,the beginning.

Well,my dad did ask me 'bout my holiday this week. And I've no idea what the hell he was asking 'bout till he mentioned 'bout a Phuket-trip. Hell,it's bloody hell best kowt. Luckily,romantically,I just got nothing to do in that week,which is this week la. Perghh,dah la next week gonna sit for an exam. Nevermind,just let it be.

Since dah alang-alang bertolak,buku xperlu kowt bawak. Kita study geografi jer,bca peta. Cacat tol. Tapi xper,exam jer pown. Fail xda sapa marah. Haha.

Firstly,I went to Wang Kelian. Move through this road till the border. Then,directly to Krabi,a place yang dekat ngan sungai. Honest to say,sejibik cam Pekan Kuala Perlis. And honest jugak,Krabi lagi cantek. Woot!
The leaders.

The followers,haha.

My adek.

The border,goodbye Tanah Melayu.

Lapar-ing moment,still at the border.

Fill the form,gonna be strangers.

Then,accomodated kat Krabi for a night. Then,that night jadi hantu makan la. Searching for food. Lapar gila doe,and yet,aku makan pancake jer which is just the same like roti canai. Haha. Makcik-makcik Siam pown reti taw wat roti canai. Comey plak. Haha! *HaNi,don't be mad at me!* Then,night went on darkly till the dawn.

At the border,ada jualan apa ntah.

Couple with a kid.

Night at the Krabi.

FamilyMart,adik beradik 7E.

Nie yang aku cakap,pancake yang macam roti canai.


No comment,tpi sedap.


Waiting the uncoming food,sial lambat doe.


Blurry moment.

Still blurry!


The next morning,at kedai makan pa ntah.
The next day,I went on to Phuket. Jauh la sayang oyy. I thought just a stone's throw. 5 Jam kowt tidow dalam keter. Bangun-bangun jer badan dah berlipat. Lenguh kowt. Haha. Then,sampai la kat Phuket dalam pukul 6 pm waktu Malaysia which was 5 pm waktu Thailand.

On the same moment gak,cari la accomodation yang terbaek. Katil mesti sama mcam kat rumah. Foodcourt mesti dekat ngan hotel. Haha. Then,dapat la Hotel Boomerang Inn. Not bed. Then,start la the journey. See below for further imagination! Haha!

Nie kat Patong Beach,tempat yang kena Tsunami 2004.


The moment,cantik tak photoshoot nie? Ahaks!

My dad,with the cap!

The ladies,senior+junior.
In the middle of Phuket Town.

I love this one!

The loneliness! Woot!

Zoom in.

Smile is sadaqah!

Sexy is mine!

The blockage! Cantik right?

First come,first serve!

My bed was here! Haha!

Uncle Dee! Awesome driver!

My adek,ushering what?

Tha path we left in Phuket?

Owh,there's a man!

Senior couple! Haha!

The minutes you turned to solid!

Auntie Shahrom!

The strangers!

Models of Phuket! Vote now!

I like this shoot!

The lightning! I'm obsessed!

Islam is everywhere!

Mind of mine!

The two blocks.

Time after time!

Watcha see?

The arrival!

The slim shady!

The light controls your shoot!

I like that awan!

Base,the beginning!


Bird's eye view! Point View,Phuket!



Ada awek kat depan la tue!


U smile,I smile!

Don't look up!

Alone in the middle!

Blur! ok tak?

Maen zip! What?

Besalah gurls,tak leh idop tanpa cermin!

Dad,date erk?

I like this one! ok tak?

Thumb's up!





Gajus or jagus?

She looks what?

The statue!



The bally light!

Aurat!! Haha!

Kotak tisu!

Big one!

Want some?

U late!

The dinner!

My dad
And yet,that's the last night we spent at Phuket. The next day,we moved to Hatyai and be there for a night. Kat sana jadi hantu shopping la! Hey,that's all from me! I hope U'all ska photoshoot kat atas tue. Still bljar! Anyway,I love YOU,19th!

Yours sincerely,
Hakeemi Baseri