closer to the edge

 Owhh,my my my dear! Gosh!
What a beautiful sleep,ngee~( only you know why? )
I had a phonedate,nevermind.
But then,in the morning,well I guessed I had a dream.
And I'm not sure what is the point I got that sweetest dream. Aiyok!
Let's say,what would you do if you got a dream of your own future!
Cacat? Nope!
But best. Haha.

It was a good day. No school,haha. Yer lah,hollidate. So, apa lagi yang lelaki bujang macam aku akan buat when there is no school? What? Sleep? Oh no no no,sorry sikit yea. I'm not that lazy to sleep sampai midday nie taw. Okay fine aku memang tidur pun. Till 10 a.m. baru lah aku bangun. So early lah jugak right? Awal dari kebiasaan.

Aku bangun pun sebab ada benda pelik yang berlaku. The story went on like this:.

When I was sleeping tue kan,I was shocked by a phone call from someone that I don't know who was it. Then,I opened my eyes at once and picked up phone aku.

"Hello...." I answered. So slow!

"Wa'alaikummusalam!" and I heard a voice from a lady di hujung talian.

Aku memang nak kasi salam tadi. But.. tak sempat.

"You tengah buat apa ni? Tidur ke?"

"Erm.. Yer"

"Asyik tido je tau. Pemalas."

Perh, what the hell with you cik kak??

"Siapa ni?" asked me when I had a look at the number written 'Private Number'.

"Siapa I? You tanya siapa I? You agak I ni siapa?"

"Mana la I tau" asked me again,mamai-ly.

"I ni, wife you lah. I call dari masa hadapan."

I was silent,thinking. Aiyok! Merepek-ing apa nie?!

"Masa bila pula I kahwin? I belajar tak habis lagi."

"Kan I dah cakap yang I call dari masa hadapan. You muda-muda dah pekak."

Perh, sabar je. Sabar je. But,nevermind. I kept going on.

I got up from my bed straightaway. I headed to my desk,and took my diary. Then baru aku ingat, sejak bila pula aku rajin ber-diari nie?

"Hey, kat masa hadapan nanti, I rajin jot down diari tak?" I asked the kerek-lady.

" Haha. Tak. You still macam dulu. Semua benda tak reti. Berdiari pun tak reti. Entah apa yang you reti pun I tak tahu"

Aku diam. Terasa sebenarnya. Cacat lah! Yang aku ingat,I know how to sing. Ngee~

"Well, I call you sebab I nak suruh you buat sesuatu" she then continued.

"Buat apa?"

"Check inbox you. I hantarkan text. and that's me"

After requesting me to do that, terus dia off phone. Manis betul perangai awek-awek sekarang.

So, I looked at my phone and found there was a text from someone.

Aku tengok-tengok.

It's a simple text.
Aku buka dan baca.

*Sila baca dengan nada dan intonasi relax serta bersahaja yea.*

"Thanks for singing me the sweet
songs for me last 'morning'. I know
you always do the best to fulfill my
wishes. Anyway,I'm yours.
The one who sang songs for me!"

Huh? I was blurhead. What the heck is going on. All I know is,I did sing some songs to 'someone' last 'morning' and truly I adore the 'someone'. This I swear!

Nevermind,was it my dream or my reality? Well,I hope it is always my reality 'cause I sayang you actually. Takper,as what you said,I'll be a great man someday somewhere. Proposing you in the most respective way. 
  • Wherever you go, whatever you do
    I will be right here waiting for you
    Whatever it takes or how my heart breaks
    I will be right here waiting for you
  • I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
    Lucky to have been where I have been
    Lucky to be coming home again
    I'm lucky we're in love in every way
    Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
    Lucky to be coming home someday
  • I only wanna be the man
    to give you everything I can
    every day and every night
    love you for all my life.
    I don't wanna change the world
    as long as you're my girl
    it's more than enough,
    just to be the man you love.

And you know what guys? Haha. Lovedrunk slow version la weyh!
Haha x)

Tapi,agak terkilan 'cause forgot to sing our 'dealova'. Haih..
Ngee~Haha. Takper,whatever it was,I love myself as well. And HaNI,so much


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