Do you hear me?
I'm talking to you
Across the water
Across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky
Oh my, baby I'm trying !

How's your nanny? Sihat? What? Heart attack? So? You care?
Haha,nevermind la whatever it is!

Well,I've been thinking lately. Everything is just 'bout my current situation. Am i doing the right thing for my life? Nevermind,I'm just confused with the way I treat people. Sometimes,I'd prefer to ignore 'em as well. And as a result,they think of me,I mean they thought that I'm forgetting 'em.

Once extinguished,never see you again.

Laaah,it's not a big deal lah. Though,I am wondering! Ignorance doesn't mean that we don't be honest with 'em! does it? Well,I guess it has nothing on what they talk 'bout me.

It's a beautiful lie. And it's not perfect tonight,unless they know who I am. It's time to forget about the past,to wash away what happened last. Please! Hide behind an empty face. Don't ask too much,just say 'cause this life is just a game.

This is life. It's a test,it's a game. Did you pass? Play again,in the hope that you see where you've been. 

Tonight, it's a revolution.
Tonight, we're going to war.
Tonight, you better make a decision.
I'm not a patriot,I'm not illegal,I'm not a fugitive,I'm  Malaysian.
I think you need some education.
I think you need some thought control.
Tonight, there is a situation.
Tonight, it's the end of the world.
Tonight, we'll take control of the nation.
Tonight, we take control of the world.
Anyway,tiada yang sempurna kt dunia nie. Maybe kita  rasa A,and maybe jawapannya B. It could be anything right? So,please just follow the flow. I'm by yourside,cewaah. 


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