Oh my darling~

I hate when i saw u. I can't stand myself to not eat u. Oh burger, why u always take my attention. I cant eat u everyday cos u contain lot of cholesterol. I dont wanna be fat man. I wanna maintain my body. I feel comfortable have a body like now. I dont really care what people wanna say about me cos I know I never bother them. never ask them for their money or wtv. I often eat two burgers at one time. sumtimes, up to three. oh, so delicious babe. and my mom said ' u look like burger now'. Oh no! This mean i'm gain weight! I'm fat. no no no. I dont want! people, do i fat?

My girlfriend when I'm off for a date! Is it? Haha.

That's me!
 Anyway,wheter I'm slim,handsome or what just let me be. Haha.


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