The what?

Such a beautifool morning! Full of damned-mouths. Noises are everywhere. And there was me,waking up so late. But why? 'cause that I couldn't sleep well last night. But why again? 'cause I missed the yesterdays! The days I belonged to the happiness. 

Again and again,I got down from my bed and pretending to be smiling. So rebellious. But then,I was thinking 'bout my situation. What's happening guys? Bullshit! I don't wanna be demanding! I was just blurhead.

We've known each other since our first meet. But,you're starting to forget the past. Frankly,you're forcing me to put some hateness in me towards you.

Mom,where is the justice? Katy Perry,why did you leave me. And why did you choose him as your hubby! Haha. Sajer,spoiling some moods!  Hey,what is up? What is down? Holla again!

It has been such a long time I have never updated this freaking blog! Huh? ( yang tue pown nak citer? ) Xkesahla. Overall,I was thinking 'bout a kind of question! Let's say it's about love. Haha. Tajuk besarnya,ADA APA DENGAN CINTA? Haha. Great. Aku just nak timbulkan satu persoalan. 

Ok,the words go like this. Apa difference between pertunangan dengan couple? Don't wanna talk much. Let's discuss much. Ngee~

Any ideas?


KiLAH pOOggY said...

perhaps im not the gurl that u mention it..
keemy,bertunang n couple mmg berbeza..
tunang : with restu family..
couple : maybe bkn restu family (maybe x taw pown)
looking for something lost-lasting subject..
you'll find it difficult !

Hakeemi Baseri said...

Owh yeah? Nice one! Jom try it on!

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