What's on my mind?

When I dream of yourself,I'm flying..with no direction.

When people ask me about my ambition, I will answer,ENGINEER! In the same time, nak jadi FULL-TIME PHOTOGRAPHER tapi the problem now is I think I have another 1 more ambition yang I think seriously into this thing.That is "taking over my dad's work,Contractor". Waahhh, x sabar kot, this thing cross my mind since I and HaNi talk about this. I said that I demanded to do so 'cause I have the eagerness to create something. So,that night tuh buat rangka awal that is.

  1. Bila dah habis study or master,aku nak kerja with my Pa.
  2. Then,lama-lama pastue aku ada niat nak expand kan lagi that business-core dripada "Green Syaza Entreprise" into something massive company.
  3. Before that,aku nak kena adapt ngan life as a contractor so then aku can get used to it.

My dad yang master mind of this. Seriously i'm into this this, I was at the operating part tau. I'm planning that kat dlm my company nnti ade penyambut tetamu,pasu yang besar,akuarium ikan piranha ker and kat dlm my company gak ade side photography inside there.

Which, kat office tue gak ada service photoshoot,such as for wedding case,sunat ker apa ker,xkesah la. Then,sebelah office ada gak bakery which my future wife to be kowt yang handle :D that bakery mostly jual cupcakes.  kat ats cupcakes boleh tulis anything kat top of the cupcakes tuh example, " i love you", " happy birthday", "happy mother's day" and etc. Haaah, delivery to houses pon ade. cost depends the km or m. tu belum fikir how much. Boleh jugak hantar with flowers and card :D that is so so so sweet, bgi kat mum or daddy time bufday like a suprise kat their office or even the loved one! 

For the photoshot pulak ( ada jgak taw ), depends. mybe aku akan snap photo for those yang buat kat dlm our bakery. So, we got something to attract customers. Besides that, when da rich, beli la TV yang besar-besar tuh letak kat depan kedai then pasang video saat-saat delivery sent to beloved people. And bila da tambah maju bukak la cawangan kat tmpt lain..!!!!!! waaaaahhh   ;D

but, this is just not just a dream, i will make it comes true one day when i grow up.! but, aku x reti nak handle ag la... =___="" huh? kena jugak learn, haiyoooo.. hope I work on it, hard, hard, hard ;D

Yours beloved,


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