I do a lot of thinking
before I go to sleep.

i play scences in my head
i practise the things i wanna say
i have endless 'what IFs'
i make plans for next day
i think of all people i miss
i think of all the ones i hate
i ask myself a lot of question

I planned to say all these terrible things to you,but in the end,I just wanna tell that I miss you. Well,enough 'bout that 'cause I'm starting to pegang this words,'CINTA SELEPAS KAHWIN'. It's totally awesome. Haha.

APOLOGIZING. What the heck is that? Well,I read a lot,but still,I can't understand why people hard to apologize. Well,frankly speaking,it was me the one who pranked my own classsmates 'bout the cancelled-class. Haha. Opss,sorry. Tak sengaja tipu. Anyway,don't be like a toddler lah k.

Ladies and gentlemen,
listen to this quote,say it loud! 'A BIG JAR FULL OF WATER GETS EMPTIED BY JUST A SMALL HOLE. MEANING? A SINGLE PAIN COULD DRAIN THE HAPPINESS OF A LOVING HEART'. Maksudnya kat sini,bagi contoh la yer,it's me the one who has a loving heart but then been diagnosed yang aku ada a lot of PENYAKITs. Hence,rasa cam hilang segala strength and guts to survive. Gilak! Rasa cam tiap hari just sebut sakit,sakit and sakit. Dugaan? Yea,saya akui tapi tak pe lah. Sabo jer kan! Bukan penyakit jer,perasaan lah,perhubungan lah and so on lah. The small thing yang mengeruhkan keadaan. Then,spread jadi a really so-callled big problemos! Dugaan lagi? Yeayea! Tapi,sampai bila harus haunting life aku? Day of the death? Haha. Hey,prepare some kain kapan before mati k!

Reading texts half asleep is like looking into the sun! So,jangan text ngan AWEKs lewat-lewat sangat. Kang mesej yang dibalas sepatah jer. Haha. Tetiba aku teringin nak HIGHLIGHT pasal nie. Yer lah,mana ada coupling yang bermadu asmara on the phone tengah-tengah hari. Kan? But,it's much better U'all spend ur time solat malam ker,tidow awal ker or simpan jer duit mak korang yang korang hebahkan kat AWEKs korang kononnya duit korang lah. Apada! So,think it boys out there! Hey,Anwar Ibrahim pown tak text sampai lewat-lewat malam taw. Tue pown dapat awek seksi gak. Siap nak tunjuk kat public lagi. See? Understood!

Not pretty enough
Not smart enough
Not talented enough
Not loud enough
Not tall enough
Not normal enough
Not good enough
Not experienced enough
Not confidant enough
Not talkative enough
Not perfect enough
JUST NOT ENOUGH! 'cause of what? 'cause aku tak prepare langsung for this Mid-Term Test. Wish me luck then! Ahaks!

Till then,
take care,
Namamu dalam doaku.


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